Idle Hands

Chris Farrell’s Bristol label Idle Hands, started in 2009, is described by its founder as a “wide range dance music label”, something that becomes very apparent as you go through the imprint’s vibrant discography. Looking deeper into the label’s history you will find it is built through a close community, personal relationships and recognition. A strong core family consisting of Shanti Celeste, Rhythmic Theory, Parris, Andy Mac, Kowton, Peverelist, The Kelly Twins and about 20 more respected artists are all vital in shaping the Idle Hands sound, serving up wobbly dubby bass sounds, soulful vocals, deep techno, gritty basslines – all firmly rooted and molded with that specific UK twist. Idle Hands is Chris Farrell’s personal view of what the sound of Bristol is and the effect it has had on underground dance music. Weather you are a long time fan or a newcomer to the label, it couldn’t be more of a thrilling catalogue to discover.

Available for Idle Hands showcases

  • Andy Mac
  • Chris Farrell
  • Matt Karmil
  • Parris
  • Peverelist & Kowton
  • Rhythmic Theory
  • Shanti Celeste
  • The Kelly Twins ​