Drvg Cvltvre

Since 2009, Vincent Koreman a.k.a. Drvg Cvltvre has been working on his own blend of dystopian acid, no wave and experimental house. Koreman is a highly productive producer, offering many of his new tracks for free download on his soundcloud page before they get released by labels. Respected in the international underground for his groundbreaking work in experimental techno as RA-X in the 90's on labels like Bunker and KK Records, Koreman comes from a DIY punk background, opting for hard work rather than hollow pose.

Drvg Cvltvre is closely affilated with the The Hague Westcoast electro scene (Bunker Records, IF, Rude 66, Viewlexx) and runs is own New York Haunted label which specialises in experimental techno from young producers around the world. DC’s style is very much influenced by no wave, old school acid and proto techno. He released on labels like Pinkman, Viewlexx, Permanent Vacation and Nervous.

Drvg Cvltvre's tracks take the speed down a notch to emphasis on the heavyness of sound and using the space left between the pounding kicks to build melancholic melodies that seem to grow out of or evaporate into thin air. A blend of dark techno, acid and deep house with lots of experiment, influenced in equal parts by Suicide, Sun Ra and Terrence Dixon.