"In 2014 I got an e-mail from a guy called Marvin Uhde who had been interested in booking Ital (Lovers Rock) for a Thursday night at a venue called Belle Etage in Bremen (Bremen was well known for its rakish nights at the infamous Zucker club, which unfortunately closed in 2012).
Marvin and a bunch of art students started doing a regular event series called Tipp! on the 2nd floor of an old warehouse next to the train station in 2014, alongside a record label - Drowned Records - in the same year.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to join Ital for the gig, but the feedback he gave me afterwards spoke for itself. A couple of weeks before I got this request for him my former flatmate Nils - also part of our Wake Up! collective - moved to Bremen. He attended the artist dinner where he met Ital and the Tipp! crew, and Marvin and him became good friends.
Through their friendship Marvin and me stayed in touch and started working on his „If Everything Suddenly Changed“ EP, released on Wake Up! in early 2016. In the meantime he became a well-known overnighter in our Berlin flat. When I think about Marvin I picture a funny, enthusiastic character in a green sweatshirt with a stoned turtle on it.
We hope you enjoy this delightful sixty-something minute journey through some of Marvin’s favourite house records."

Mark Rhein

We wanna support his first book release on MONKEYTOWN RECORDS (OFFICIAL SITE), like Kassem Mosse does ...

"sure some people here have already picked up on the release of alex solman's "die welt ist eine pudel" book, published by Monkeytown Berlin, which features a selection of the great artworks & posters he's done for Golden Pudel

there's also one of tobi and me with a bunch of birds in there! and alex is spot on with our hair! i even wrote a text for it. in german! 

order die welt here:

read this first: 
Tobi, die Vögel und ich. Auf dem Plakat sehe ich so eckig, kantig und schlecht gelaunt aus wie ein junger Maler um die Jahrhundertwende. Das viel mir gleich auf und das fand ich sofort gut. Auch das Tobi aussieht wie Tintin mit Lastern. Nur die Vögel hab ich ehrlich gesagt zunächst nicht ganz verstanden.

Jetzt, im Rückblick, wird mir klar, dass Alex, den ich erst viel später persönlich kennenlernte, mit seinem Plakat den Abend mit quasi seherischen Fähigkeiten vorweggenommen hat: Tobi als sweeter Gastgeber, vor sich hin rauchend und für ein angenehmes Setting sorgend, ich dagegen ein schrecklicher Gast und mich den ganzen Abend total in den Vordergrund spielend, überall Platten, Krümmel und Gläser herumliegen und Tobi gar nicht zum Zug kommen lassend, stattdessen in einem fort musikalische Anekdoten mit dem Publikum austauschend, wie ein entfernter Bekannter, der plötzlich um vier Uhr morgens schwer angetrunken in deiner Küche sitzt: Und was machst du nun? So in etwa die Situation, aber wir fanden das alle gut und würden es wieder tun. Die Vögel zwitschern Acidlinien bis zum Morgengrauen."



"I honestly do not contribute to so many podcasts or radio shows or record so many gigs because I think I am so great. I do it because I like to spread knowledge about music. I also do it because I want my little daughter to know what I am/was doing. That is basically it. Feel free to listen or not." 

Finn Johannsen -

->> <<-

Lowtec - Workshop Records releases new split EP of Kassem Mosse and Black Point on his Out to Lunch Label

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