we were waiting for this to happen for some months. now, finally it came out in a physical way. Mix Mup's incredible EP on TTT.

a good description delivers JUNOPLUS - have a read:

and have a listen:



you can sign in here


hi all,
here are some refreshing news for you to tell: yes - i wanna have all of these artists playing for me - i have to answer this email immediatelly and ask for dates etc. yes!

well - we try to answer your requests directly, but sometimes there are just to many issues to be on time. we say sorry for that and hope for your understanding.


- pls write to mark with your request -  


 will be available in europe from december 10th - january 10th. dates are filling up so get in touch. remix for time division on short black recordings with amir alexander remix on a side:
  sound warrior 003, third release on sound warrior recordings, label she co-runs with jenifa mayanja:underground sounds vol. 3, plan b recordings  


australia tour is coming in october and he`s also available in europe in december and january. dates are filling up so get in touch.
PLAN B LABEL NIGHTS in EUROPE are available in dec 014 / jan 015 -write to MARK with your request 

  • ITAL

will be available in europe for his album release tour from october - december. dates are also filling up so get in touch.

his new album ENDGAME is now out on planet mu! the whole album privately streaming


ALL OTHER NEWS in alphabetical order



be aware of two new Kat Channel EPs to be released this winter on aDepth audio and Finale Sessions


 be aware of a new EP on hamburg based label woodwork in late 2014 and his new ambient album „drop“ on chicago based label „kimochi“ in early 2015. his last dj mix: 


 be aware of a new 2xEP coming on workshop later the yearyou can listen to one of his solid dj sets here (recorded at Robert Johnson/Offenbach):


 after the LP on workshop records things can slow done again... BUT: USA tour is coming soon. get back to nadine with your requests.
btw: 2014 is full already.
but a new remix is on it's way - check further infos on junodownload 


 their last EP on needwant is still hot: 

  • LEROSA is now represented by option music - pls write to mark with your request. 

 his hotmix ep „inverted castle“ is out now! also the test pressings for the ferox ep „shoot the owner“ are in and will be officially out in september. have a listen to his last dj mix 


 the latest workshop records ep is a label owner one - find snippets here: 

  • MARCELLIS is now represented by option music - pls write to nadine with your requests.

 He will have a new release on nonplus+ coming out late autumn 2014. 


you may have had a listen already to one of his radio shows hosted on BCR.  Once a month you can get an idea of what a travel in music can mean. MIX MUP is your travel agent on this trip. check his next show - 10th Sept - 6pm CET  

  • MM/KM

a great remix made by the masters of funky jazztechno which was released in june 014 on an EP from Bristols Kowton.


 in middle of sept. the recording of her deep tripping techno set at querfeld // fusion festival 2014 will be published on SONOTOWN. it is something completely different to the BOILER ROOM set where she was part of the same month  

  • TOM ELLIS is now represented by option music - pls write to mark with your request.

if you are not interested in these news -  you have the possibility to unsubscribe from this list on your own. or you just write us a little note. thanks, enjoy late summer and autumn and we are looking forward to your request.

best - nadine + mark

a bit day for all music lovers - KM's album on workshop records is finally in the stores today: 

you can have a pre-listening and order here:

or you can order it here


congrats mr. mosse! this is an outstanding piece of deep music, as much as the layout is pretty.


if you wanna join the newsletter write us: news at

Hello all, yes – it’s friday!
and this is an early 2014 newsletter from option music as there are so many news, we couldn't wait longer with letting you know.

check here on the website for available dates, label showcases and ask for flightshare options:

available artists for WORKSHOP RECORDS SHOWCASES:


BENJAMIN BRUNN  [third ear I workshop]
DAKINI 9 [plan b recordings I sound warrior recordings]
DJ SPIDER  [plan B recordings]
KIM BROWN [just another beat]
latest artist news:

with benjamin brunn we are having another extraordinary workshop records artist within the familiy. since mid 1990`s he produces that kind of music, which absolutely found a home within lowtec`s usm label, with ware records and later with workshop records. benjamin lives in hamburg and he loves to play live!

Benjamin will come to the USA  from june 11 to june 25 - if you wanna have him playing live - let us know!!!!
New EPs:
wake up! 003 - benjamin brunn - hi-tide lo-fi (12" ep)

kimochi 009 - benjamin brunn, move d, dave wheels - intercom (12" ep) (out soon)

nyc- based producer, dj and label owner dakini9 (aka lola rephann) runs plan b recordings and sound warrior recordings with jenifa mayanja. a long-standing figure in new york`s deep, underground music scene, she has appeared on her own labels, as well as soul people music, maching dreams, anunnaki cartel and sublevel sounds.
just out:
sound warrior 002 - dakini9 & jenifa mayanja, pursuit grooves - sound warrior 02 (12" ep)

new york`s dj spider has been releasing deep, dark house & techno music for many years now. also known under the moniker`s spider bites, kuru, bomb site, alarma! and mindscraper, he is involved in many forms of electronic music making. he helps run the label plan b recordings along with lola aka dakini 9 and he also runs the beneath underground music imprint (btu music) & his sublevel sounds label.
He will be based in february 1st and full march in the EU.
just out:
plan b recordings 35 - dj spider - nemisis rising (2x12" lp)
killekill016 | dj spider & franklin de costa - genetically modified tracks

will be on tour in AUSTRALIA for middle april to middle may 2014. he will perform at Inner Varnicka Festival.
dates are filling up so get in touch.
latency 003 - even tuell - longing way ep (february 2013)
workshop 17 - even tuell 2x12" ep (march / april 2014)
rumours about get close to reality:

his 1st album on workshop records is coming in the end of january / early february.

he will cross the ocean to have some dates in JAPAN in MARCH.
For bookings:  we are planning a new Tour to the USA in AUTUMN 2014 – get back to me with your offers,
for europe: some dates in summer and autumn, winter 2014  are still free.
pls accept that KM is not going to tour to Australia.
available dates:

april 04, fri
april 05, sat

may 02, fri
may 03, sat
already with their first releases, kim brown`s productions on the imprint just another beat were highly critically acclaimed. ji-hun kim and julian braun from berlin always tried to widen the perspective on contemporary house music in a very personal, subtle and musical way. in the meantime, they remixed tracks for labels such as freerange, rivulet und fauxpas musik and made two edits for rimini run by oskar offermann. finally in 2013, they released their debut album "somewhere else is going to be good" which became an instant underground hit. groove magazine reviewed it as "one of the best albums made in the last decade". kim brown always play back to back. two complementary individuals who always know how to turn a dancefloor into a soulful, deep and harmonic space.
the REPRESS just got out:
just another beat 008 - kim brown - somewhere else its going to be good (2x12" lp)

our lovely resom is featured in the latest groove magazine. have a look on the interview and her incredible mix which features some exclusive tracks from our artists

Jak Lady Alienata is quiet productive these days with her studiomate Snuffo from Snuff Crew – have a listen to her tracks  on soundcloud – all INFOS:

enjoy the weekends and the blue mondays,

best nadine + mark


read an interview and listen to the new mix from ://about blank resident RESOM for the german magazine GROOVE


  • you want to have one of these artists playing at your event or venue, than click the below button and follow the instructions. life can be so easy...

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  • SE /// Malmö /// SVN & Porn Sword Tobacco

    April, 24, 2015: SVN -- Live-Set

  • UK /// Bristol /// Fractal

    April, 24, 2015: LEROSA -- DJ-Set

  • DE /// Berlin /// Stattbad - Macro Label Night

    April, 24, 2015: Finn Johannsen -- DJ-Set

  • UK /// London /// The Laundry E8

    April, 25, 2015: Even Tuell -- DJ-Set

  • DE /// Berlin /// ://about birthday

    April, 25, 2015: Resom -- DJ-Set

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