From now on we work with gigwell software for all bookings. we hope to make things easier and more transparent here. if you have any questions or feedback pls get in touch with us. cheers nadine + mark

we started to work with a software for bookings called beatswitch.

you can send your requests directly here now too:

thank you!

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+++ Dynamo Dreesen, SVN and Dresvn joined Option Music - for all inquiries pls contact and check them out!! 

+++ MIX MUP releases new EP on The Trilogy Tapes and MEAKUSMA
+++ EVEN TUELL release on Workshop Records out very soon
+++ KASSEM MOSSE releases as PAID REACH on his very own Ominira Label
+++ ITAL has two releases coming in May and is staying in Europe late May -> June
+++ DJ Spider released new LP on Plan B and is staying in Europe in July


TOP News:


Dresvn continues to be as prolific as they are enigmatic, with three upcoming releases tantalizingly announced. In addition to a pair of Acido collaborations and splits, the duo also has a 3-track EP of “industrial shuffle techno in typical Dresvn style” coming soon on Honest Jon’s. Meanwhile the Acido releases promise a three way “moody dark techno” split between the duo, core member Dynamo Dreesen, SVN and A Made Up Sound as well as a “live living room” collaboration between the group and Jean-Marc Foussat, owner of FOU records. More details forthcoming. 

  • Dynamo Dreesen

Since founding Acido Records in 2004, Andreas “Dynamo Dreesen“ Krumm has made a name for himself as one of Germany's most dedicated vinyl and hardware explorers. His sets are extended journeys through house, hip hop, spiritual jazz, dub, disco, techno, industrial, jungle and beyond. Leaving the laptop behind, his live sets together with SVN as Dresvn, blur the lines between 70s noise, jazz and bleep house into something all his own.

  • SVN 

SVN recently released the collaborative  “Untitled” EP as PG Sounds with Philip Gelberg on his own Sued Records. A collection of six percussion-rich explorations, Resident Advisor says “these tracks are as enigmatic as they are addictive” while Juno describes it as “a wonderful suite of tracks.” 



The two new releases are a good proof of Mix Mup's aka Lorenz "Lindner’s considerable talent as a standalone producer. [...]" as junoplus describes it perfectly.
His latest EP can be checked out here:

And the forthcoming EP on meakusma, Which will be released in May you can pre-listen here:

he will play live and DJ sets this spring/summer at OFF-Sónar or Nachtdigital Festival and others.


The long waiting for the double EP of Workshop Head Even Tuell will soon be over.  WORKSHOP 17 will be released this summer 
Find dates on our website


Released a new 7" EP on his OMINIRA label under a new moniker called PAID REACH listen here

In other news: if you wanna book KM - pls be aware: He only plays on weekends with even weeknumber (means: a year has 52 weeks - he can play weekends like: week 2, week 4, week 36...)

  • ITAL

Ital has been busy. Two releases are coming in May: One on Turin’s Gang of Ducks and one on his own label Lovers Rock.

He is available in Europe late May through late June and starting again in the fall. In October he will be playing select dates with Earthen Sea, both in collaboration as Sleeper Cell and side to side under their solo aliases.
More Informations below.


Released his album "Upon the Gates of the Great Depth" on Plan B Recordings. Also a new 12" - in collaboration with Marshallito - is out on The Trilogy Tapes.

DJ Spider will be playing Freerotation and other European gigs in the summer but still has some availability in July.
More Informations below.  

other ARTIST News in alphabetical order:


Brunns upcoming releases are in prestigious company; A split EP with Move D out in May on Wake Up! showcases the producer’s moody, heavier side. Meanwhile, a twisting, revelatory 2013 live set from the Golden Pudel will be the debut release for a new Smallville / Golden Pudel collaboration. Pudelville 01 can be heard here:

Finally, a recent live set from the Night Moves party in London can be heard here:


Dakini9 recently submitted a beautifully lush podcast for Slam Mode’s Exploratory Files series. Moving through am array of organic, groovy and occasionally paranoid sounds, she effortlessly builds the set into a heavy house mode that is pure Dakini. 

Additionally she has three release coming out in the late spring and early summer:

Nepenthe EP on Plan B Recordings

Iron Jungle EP on Green Village

Sound Warrior "Warriors Tones" EP

Available in Europe mid-late July and November 2015.


DJ Spider has just released his latest album “Upon the Gates of the Great Depth” on Plan B Recordings. With titles like “Tribal Mechanism” and “High Level Violence,” the album’s themes mirror those of his recent post-apocalyptic “Contest for Supremacy” collaboration with Marshallito on Trilogy Tapes. Additionally, the ever-prolific Spider will join Grey People to inaugurate Public System Recording’s debut release. His tracks “Demon Seed” and “Mind Field” can be heard here:

DJ Spider will be playing Freerotation and other European gigs in the summer but still has some availability in July:

July 03 - Bordeaux
July 04 - available
July 11 - Freerotation Festival 
July 12 - Freerotation Festival
July 17 - available
July 18 - available
July 24 - available
July 25 - available


As part of the recent Powerhouse Tour he supports Head High/Shed at different events worldwide. And beside the Hard Wax Job he is extremely busy with releasing new mixes.
His latest you find here:
And you should definitly check his new hotmix #28 episode coming up on Berlin Community Radio
it makes you cry. it does. it really does.

Get in touch with nadine for booking


  • ITAL

Ital has two releases coming in May: “Toxic Work Environment” on Turin’s Gang of Ducks shows the producer in an annihilating mood, with four tracks of seething, paranoid hardware techno alongside a remix from the label. Mixed with NY legend Phil Moffa, the EP is a powerful followup to last year’s “Endgame.” Listen here:

In addition, Ital & Earthen Sea debut their new collaboration Sleeper Cell with the five track “Quality of Life” EP on Ital’s Lovers Rock label. Five spacious, politically charged dubfields, the record is an eerily beautiful document of a long NY winter. Sound samples here:

Finally a live hardware set from Mannheim’s Jetztmusik festival, alongside Helena Hauff and Aurora Halal, can be heard here:

Ital is available in Europe late May through late June and starting again in the fall. In October he will be playing select dates with Earthen Sea, both in collaboration as Sleeper Cell and side to side under their solo aliases. 

Upcoming Lovers Rock releases include Earthen Sea "Ink," a four song EP by DJ Wey and a compilation of emerging artists. Lovers Rock is now distributed by Diamonds and Pearls. 



Kim Brown recently had the honor of remixing Dan Curtin’s 1992 classic “The Path.” Building on the original’s Detroit-saturated menace, the duo leads the track from the dark night of the soul to a shimmering new dawn. Listen to:

The remix has been released on The Healing Company alongside mixes from Orson Wells, Johannes Regnier and of course Dan Curtin’s timeless original. 

You can also hear a live set from Zukunft in Zurich here:



Hear a recording of his DJ set at the Wake Up! label night at Hamburg’s legendary Golden Pudel Club:



A little bit of silence is around Mr. Lowtec, but this means nothing but activity and the upcoming outspeak will change this impression soon. After the restart of OUT TO LUNCH after a 10 years hiatus with the 20th release from The Hangout Project, a new one is already in the pressing plant (OTL 21 - Black Point). He will also be part of different WORKSHOP label nights in London (Corsica Studios), and will play this year at one of the best festivals of the world - FREEROTATION!

--> for CANADIAN PROMOTERS: LOWTEC will be available for Canada bookings in JULY/AUGUST 2015. pls get in touch with nadine 

  • MM/KM

Both of them played unbelievable sets in the last months - but no recording was possible to make. Errors. So it seems as you have to go to see them performing live - for example here:
MAY, 29th - The Trilogy Tapes Night at Stattbad Berlin


A new Mikrodisko EP is planned. stayed tuned! Also a Mikrodisko tape with of Mix of Nike.Bordom will be released this weekend for the 5th birthday of Berlins ://about blank.


Resom has a new regular show called OPTION on the esteemed Berlin Community Radio, which you can listen to here:

Next show: MAY, 8th / 7-9pm CET

And she made a killer, hypnotic mix for Berceuse Heroique which can be heard here:

She has also been confirmed for Freerotation Festival 2015.
As resident of the infamous ://about blank club in Berlin you can also book her now via
But you know - she stays with the option family too. still mamma mia!


In addition of planning a live collaboration for this year’s Freerotation, Tom Ellis has a new remix of Rico Casazza’s “One Face One Race” on Sinnmusik. A subtly melting groover, the track can be heard here:


You can always get in contact with us if you feel spammed or have a question or just want to let us know that the weather changes. enjoy spring and summer! you will hear from us.
best - nadine + mark


we were waiting for this to happen for some months. now, finally it came out in a physical way. Mix Mup's incredible EP on TTT.

a good description delivers JUNOPLUS - have a read:

and have a listen:



you can sign in here


hi all,
here are some refreshing news for you to tell: yes - i wanna have all of these artists playing for me - i have to answer this email immediatelly and ask for dates etc. yes!

well - we try to answer your requests directly, but sometimes there are just to many issues to be on time. we say sorry for that and hope for your understanding.


- pls write to mark with your request -  


 will be available in europe from december 10th - january 10th. dates are filling up so get in touch. remix for time division on short black recordings with amir alexander remix on a side:
  sound warrior 003, third release on sound warrior recordings, label she co-runs with jenifa mayanja:underground sounds vol. 3, plan b recordings  


australia tour is coming in october and he`s also available in europe in december and january. dates are filling up so get in touch.
PLAN B LABEL NIGHTS in EUROPE are available in dec 014 / jan 015 -write to MARK with your request 

  • ITAL

will be available in europe for his album release tour from october - december. dates are also filling up so get in touch.

his new album ENDGAME is now out on planet mu! the whole album privately streaming


ALL OTHER NEWS in alphabetical order



be aware of two new Kat Channel EPs to be released this winter on aDepth audio and Finale Sessions


 be aware of a new EP on hamburg based label woodwork in late 2014 and his new ambient album „drop“ on chicago based label „kimochi“ in early 2015. his last dj mix: 


 be aware of a new 2xEP coming on workshop later the yearyou can listen to one of his solid dj sets here (recorded at Robert Johnson/Offenbach):


 after the LP on workshop records things can slow done again... BUT: USA tour is coming soon. get back to nadine with your requests.
btw: 2014 is full already.
but a new remix is on it's way - check further infos on junodownload 


 their last EP on needwant is still hot: 

  • LEROSA is now represented by option music - pls write to mark with your request. 

 his hotmix ep „inverted castle“ is out now! also the test pressings for the ferox ep „shoot the owner“ are in and will be officially out in september. have a listen to his last dj mix 


 the latest workshop records ep is a label owner one - find snippets here: 

  • MARCELLIS is now represented by option music - pls write to nadine with your requests.

 He will have a new release on nonplus+ coming out late autumn 2014. 


you may have had a listen already to one of his radio shows hosted on BCR.  Once a month you can get an idea of what a travel in music can mean. MIX MUP is your travel agent on this trip. check his next show - 10th Sept - 6pm CET  

  • MM/KM

a great remix made by the masters of funky jazztechno which was released in june 014 on an EP from Bristols Kowton.


 in middle of sept. the recording of her deep tripping techno set at querfeld // fusion festival 2014 will be published on SONOTOWN. it is something completely different to the BOILER ROOM set where she was part of the same month  

  • TOM ELLIS is now represented by option music - pls write to mark with your request.

if you are not interested in these news -  you have the possibility to unsubscribe from this list on your own. or you just write us a little note. thanks, enjoy late summer and autumn and we are looking forward to your request.

best - nadine + mark


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